January 25 - February 22, 2019
Robert Simon Fine Art

The phrase “After the Antique” has two associations. The first is conventional cataloguing terminology that describes a work of art derived or copied from an ancient model or source. The second is purely chronological: “after” in time. Anthony Baus’s work meets both criteria, but his references from the ancient world are never literal; rather they are romantic, meditative, and original. His impressive technique does not reflect the mind of a copyist. The style of Old Master drawings that Baus has embraced is his preferred language of expression, but his content is entirely personal. Baus has described it as “romantically inspired narratives created on scaffolding of ancient architecture, richly imbued with symbolism and mystery.”

For the artist, the present exhibition began as a meditation on time. Months spent in Rome drew Baus into study of and contemplation on the Mithraic Mysteries, the cult religion practiced there from the 1st to the 4th centuries A.D. The characters that inform Mithraism provide the starting point for Baus’s rumination on thought and the position of man in the universe, expressed through symbolism both historical and fantastical.

Baus’s works can be savored as intricate compositions of great beauty and finesse. They are also complex and sophisticated allegories on weighty themes. However appreciated or approached, they provide an introduction to a visionary artist of earnest intent and expansive imagination.

Anthony Baus (b. 1981) was born in Racine, Wisconsin and received a BFA from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee before matriculating at the Grand Central Atelier, where he now teaches.