One of the joys of collecting is having the opportunity to acquire works of art that reflect one's own taste. But art is a financial as well as a cultural asset, and collecting requires knowledge of the art itself, the market in which it is appears, and the many factors that affect value. Judgments of attribution and condition can significantly alter the value of a work of art, as can many other issues that require special expertise to research and to evaluate (such as provenance, publication and exhibition history, dating, subject matter, historical significance, market trends). To the collector contemplating the purchase of a single painting or forming an extensive collection we offer expert advice on all these matters. The goal here is to provide on a consulting basis the same level and quality of knowledge that a curator provides to the museum. 


The sale of important works of art is a delicate and complicated matter, requiring extensive knowledge of both the art and the marketplace. We have been successful in placing paintings in important public and private collections worldwide and seek to provide the best possible price to the owner. Depending on the requirements of the seller and the nature and value of the property, paintings may be placed on consignment through us or purchased outright. When appropriate we also can arrange consignments to traditional auction houses, both here and abroad.


All collectors and institutions require accurate documentation of their holdings, but only those with in-house professional staff have the facility to do so. As consultants we are able to proved such services in a cost-effective manner. We tailor our work to match the needs of the individual collection - from simple inventories to published catalogues. This may include the use of computerized collection management systems designed for updating, whether by us or by the owner. Appraisals, whether for insurance or informational purposes, may be incorporated, as well as related services which we can supply or coordinate: photographic documentation, conservation surveys, research, display concerns (framing, mounting, lighting, etc.). We have worked on collections ranging in size from a few items to several thousand, and our clients have included private collectors, corporate collections, foundations, educational institutions, government agencies, and museums.


We are by training art historians and can undertake all aspects of research relating to works of art: attribution questions, provenance issues, iconography, sales history, historical concerns, authentication. We maintain a superb reference library and utilize the wealth of research resources available both in New York City and abroad, while consulting when appropriate with specialists internationally.


We are available for consultation, litigation support, and expert witness work in matters relating to our field of expertise.

We welcome your inquiry regarding our consultative services.

Please contact us describing the nature of your collection and its requirements and we will be pleased to discuss the services we might provide.