(Italian, ca. 1680 - 1752)


Madonna and Child with Angels in the Clouds


Oil on canvas

23 1/4 x 12 1/2 inches

(59 x 31.7 cm)








Charles H. and Virginia Baldwin, Claremont, Colorado Springs, Colorado ca. 1907-1934; thence by descent until sold in 1949 to:
Charles Blevins Davis, Claremont (renamed Trianon), Colorado Springs 1949 - until gifted in 1952 to:
The Poor Sisters of Saint Francis, Trianon, Colorado Springs, 1952 until acquired, 1960, by:
John W. Metzger, Trianon, renamed as the Trianon School of Fine Arts, Colorado Springs, 1960-1967; when transferred to:
The Metzger Family Foundation, Trianon Art Museum, Denver, 1967 - 2004; thence by descent in the Metzger Family until 2015


Trianon Art Museum, Denver (until 2004)

The present work is a spectacular jewel-like canvas by Amigoni, rich in delicate pastel colors, most likely a modello for an altarpiece either lost or never painted.  In it the Madonna stands firmly upon a cloud in the heavens, her Child resting on a delicate veil further supported by a cloud, as he gently wraps his arm around his mother’s neck.  From above angels prepare to lower flowers and a wreath, while other angels and seraphim surrounding the two joyfully cavort.


Dr. Annalisa Scarpa, author of the forthcoming monograph on Jacopo Amigoni has confirmed the attribution of the present painting to the artist (written communication, April 7, 2015), and suggests that it was painted in Venice, following Amigoni’s return from England in 1739.  While alikening the lifelike treatment of the angels to the putti that often populate the large mythological paintings of Amigoni’s English period, she suggests that the present picture should be dated just before the artist’s Madonna and Child with St. Francis de Sales in the Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, known as the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Fava, Venice --a work dated 1743.